It’s difficult but important to choose what is right for you.

The way I thought you used a notebook was that you jotted down notes whenever you needed to, or when you can’t be bothered to remember something. You never stay on one page for long — like your school notes for example — because all you’re doing is writing stuff down to commit it to your memory, and moving onto the next page immediately.

The standard notebook is not the only way to write anymore. In fact, reusable notebooks have been steadily increasing in popularity.

Today, I’d like to…

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You’re a master at task management. You may currently be using tools like Wipebook to manage daily projects and responsibilities for your small business. So it should come as no surprise that you can apply those same tactics and tools to other areas of your life!

Here are some problem-solving ideas and hacks you should test out:

Save Time With Freelancers

Time is an asset. It’s also something you can never create more of and can never get back once it’s lost. A smart way to create more time for the things you truly love is to unleash the power of freelancers in both…

Here’s how I learned to befriend studying

Let’s face it: plenty of us hate studying. Even for those of us who like it, (we love you, but you’re a little weird), studying often gets super stressful when it comes time for exams, especially finals.

Everyone seems to have their own methods, both for studying and for coping with the stress. Have you ever wished you had a little arsenal at your disposal when it came time to put down the phone and get to work? Read on!

There’s a ton of stuff circulating the Web, and college and university campuses, regarding this subject.

Plenty of people want…

In a world where any piece of information is at your fingertips, how do humans adapt?

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Something really strange is going on with today’s youth, and it involves cell phones. Ever since being invented April 3rd, 1973 — roughly 45 years ago — our society has been obsessed with cellphones.

It is certainly easy to see the appeal: stay connected to friends, conduct business, ease aspects of your life, and have a phone in the event of emergencies. Why then, are large amounts of people finding most of their time being spent on social media?

When we look at the statistics, more than 95% of adults in America own a cellphone and the majority of people…

20,000 days of giving up $5 coffee will give you $100k. See you in 54 years!

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You dedicate $100 to your savings every week from the ripe age of 20 up until 30. You work a difficult job, in the harsh oil sands of Alberta, Canada. After 30 long years you have ended up with $144,000, that’s great! That is a ton of money you can spend on whatever… right?

No. Due to inflation, you will have only ended up with $67,000.

The advice of saving and investing when you’re young is no longer realistic. It’s not useful because there’s a floor to saving, but no ceiling to making money. …

Research has shown that we can set the conditions for creative processes to occur

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Creativity can’t be reduced to a formula …. or can it?

At its core, the creative process requires a new way of thinking. It also requires a combination of situations and elements to take an established concept or product and give it a totally new spin.

It’s tricky. Ideas don’t just happen in advance. They have to be captured as they unfold.

Here’s something we all know on a visceral level: Something organic has to happen in the creative process. When you start, the result you’re looking for may not have a specific shape or form, or even a name.

The only thing muscles feel is tension.

If you’re trying to elicit a HYPERTROPHIC response in a muscle, you might think you need to increase the weight of your lifts… that is true, to a point.

However, if you’re not increasing tension on the specific muscle, you’re not going to see targeted hypertrophy.

Bob Paris: ranked 7th in the 1984 Mr. Olympia

Many people looking to improve a muscle group only focus on putting up bigger numbers because you think the increased weight is gonna lead to increased gains.


Ego-lifting heavyweight usually leads to using muscle groups that you’re not even trying to train.

Your muscles will never know the ‘number’ on the weight.


If you’re a math student working on a word problem, you’ve been taught to dissect the question and tackle it by breaking it into bite-sized chunks.

You may think this question doesn’t have anything to do with math, problem-solving, or vertical non-permanent surfaces (VNPS).

But hang in there and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

First, let’s talk about the relationship between how we solve complex math problems and in a similar vein, how we approach real-world issues.

Math, Problem Solving, and VNPS

You can draw lots of analogies between solving a word problem in a classroom and tackling a real-world issue.

NOTE: In either scenario, it’s important to put your ideas in writing to resolve the issue step-by-step using a visual learning method. …

What should I be focusing on in my design?

This is a very challenging question for beginning designers when starting a new project, or maybe looking for ideas to improve their existing project. Here are 7 laws that will give you a leg up on the competition.

1. Law of aesthetics

A.K.A. the Aesthetic–usability effect. People tend to believe that things that look good will work better.

When working on challenging problems, students often cue their thinking from each other.

Working together and sharing throughout the class

Since implementing thinking classroom methodologies in the classroom, I noticed that my interpretation of “collaboration” has shifted


  • Students working together and sharing their thoughts and work at the end of the class;


  • To students working together and sharing throughout the lesson.

The outcomes of the latter have been truly inspiring and have totally shifted my teaching mindset from individual to small group, to the classroom as a whole.

Instead of having 1 teacher, students now have 30

Another key thing that I noticed: “thinking classroom” requires students to continually draw upon what they already have been exposed to in order to push their thinking forward.

Not only…


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